Brighter Days w/ Carly Cloherty

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Carly Cloherty

About The Episode

Carly always wanted a dog growing up but her mom was a single parent and didn’t want to take that on.

When Carly got signed off of work for mental health reasons at her job, and her partner changed spaces for work to a dog-friendly space, he encouraged Carly to get a dog. That week, only two days later, they went in search of a dog and fell in love with Luna the lurcher.

Carly didn’t realize how much getting a dog would impact her mental health. She wouldn’t be leaving the house much during this initial period off work and now had to walk her, get up and feed her, and all these responsibilities that forced her to be constantly moving and doing things.

“I don’t think I would have got better as quick as I did without her,” Carly says. She I always knew she wanted a dog but didn’t know the extent of how the relationship would be and how much it would change her. She also thinks she wouldn’t be as appreciative of the world, or as connected to everything, without her dog.

The empathy of Luna is also striking. If anyone at all is crying or whimpering around her, she’ll get right in your face and lick your tears and try to soothe you as much as she possibly can. Which has been helpful for Carly as well.

Luna is also a very unusual looking and beautiful dog. Carly said she’s never seen another dog that looks like her. Her eyes in particular are entrancing.

Carly is from London and now lives in Kent, England (more in the countryside), which makes for a great place for Luna to run around and enjoy the area.

About The Guest

Carly Cloherty was facing mental health struggles, even getting signed off work for that very reason, and was able to find solace by getting her dog, Luna, who has helped her work through those issues and become a true light in her life and the way she feels connected and active with the world around her. She lives in Kent, England, with her partner, which gives Luna the lurcher the ample room to get her energy out.

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