Volunteer To Help Dogs

Your volunteer service can take many forms, from sharing a dog adoption post on social media to walking a dog from a local shelter.

Or take the more extensive steps of fostering or adopting a dog.

As time goes on, we will update this section with specific recommendations from our show guests.

Tiny Tim Rescue Fund

The Tiny Tim Rescue Fund is a nonprofit started by Dog Save The People host John Bartlett to honor the memory of his three-legged pit bull rescue named Tiny Tim.

The organization is dedicated to raising and distributing funds for animal rescue groups who pull innocent animals directly from high-kill shelters thereby saving the lives of countless dogs and cats. The money raised by the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund goes to providing these animals with the proper medical attention, training, affection, human interaction and foster parents they desperately need so that they will one day find a loving, forever home.

Through our ongoing efforts, generous individual and corporate donations and through the sale of John Bartlett's Tiny Tim Collection (available on this site), The Tiny Tim Rescue Fund is able to advance it's mission to help give every dog and cat a chance for a better, happier life - a life all animals are entitled to.

Please consider making a donation to The Tiny Tim Rescue Fund today.