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About The Episode

Joey Teixeira has loved animals since he was a kid. He grew up with dogs, specifically, but also would try to rescue any animal he saw in distress. While this started in childhood, it continued as he got older, still helping rescue through high school.

Then while at college in New York City, Joey started working at a doggy day care as a part time job. From there, that led to him lending a hand to help start another company in the same field. Later, he transitioned to the ASPCA to become Manager of Custom Relations for the Adoption Center. While working there, his more narrow view of dog ownership’s rights and wrongs became more open and less judgmental of all the different ways people treat and interact with their dogs. Currently, he is still at the ASPCA but is now the Director of Philanthropy.

On the personal end during this time, Joey got his first dog Moose. He was a Pomeranian, and became Joey’s soul dog and best friend. And while Moose had some aggressive tendencies despite looking like a teddy bear, he was also very welcoming in every animal Joey adopted after that (6 dogs over 11 years).

Now, there’s a whole pack – Mervin, Jack, Abigail, Minnie, and two cats. You may recognize Mervin The Chihuahua in particular from social media, where he has hundreds of thousands of followers. That platform is something Joey takes the responsibility and opportunity of seriously, and tries to use the page to help promote adoption and general health/wellness for dogs through Mervin’s example and personality.

About The Guest - Joey Teixeira

Joey Teixeira has a family of dogs with his partner, one of those being popular social media star Mervin The Chihuahua. He is the Director of Philanthropy at the ASPCA and has worked with a variety of dog and animal companies over the years, gaining professional experience that has expanded his outlook on the dog-human relationship and the different ways we can all co-exist with our dogs.

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