Spread The Word

Share social media posts about adoptions, fundraisers, and more with your audience or with specific friends/family you might know who could be interested or further help spread the word. Shelters and other rescue organizations share photos and information on a daily basis of dogs that need to find homes.

Make A Donation

Donating money to a reputable animal shelter, rescue group or animal advocacy non-profit is a great way to help and can be done with the click of a button. It’s easy and fast and allows the organization to place funds where they are needed most. And it is tax-deductible. 

Foster A Dog

Rescue groups are always looking for good foster homes to place their dogs temporarily. Opening your home to a foster dog will help that dog get more socialized, prepare them for their forever home, and allow them to decompress after a stressful experience in a shelter. Rescue groups are always looking for a foster and it is a very noble and selfless thing to consider. And who knows, you might fall in love, adopt the foster and become a “failed foster.”

Volunteer Your Time

Whether you are rescuing a dog you found on the street, helping a friend care for a pet, or spending time helping out at the local shelter, giving back feels good and you are indeed making a difference. To get started, contact the local animal shelter or dog rescue organization in your community and find out how you can help. Even if you are not comfortable handling dogs you don’t know, there are so many other ways to assist. Maybe it is answering the phone, sending out the newsletter, helping with social media, transporting a dog to his new home. Or perhaps you have a skill that you can donate to help the cause such as photography, writing or construction. 

Organize A Fundraiser

Organize a local fundraiser in your community and help raise awareness about helping pets. You might consider a walk/run, car wash, bake sale, or another event to raise money for your favorite dog rescue or shelter. Reach out to your local business owners and see if they might like to get involved by sponsoring or donating to the event. You can also create an online fundraiser via social media like a birthday fundraiser on Facebook asking friends to donate to your charity of choice in lieu of gifts. One might even consider adding a charity proponent to a wedding or other event registry. 

Tiny Tim Rescue Fund

Tiny Tim Rescue Fund

The Tiny Tim Rescue Fund is a nonprofit started by show host John Bartlett to honor the memory of his three-legged pit bull rescue named Tiny Tim.

The organization is dedicated to raising and distributing funds for animal rescue groups who pull innocent animals directly from high-kill shelters thereby saving the lives of countless dogs and cats. The money raised by the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund goes to providing these animals with the proper medical attention, training, affection, human interaction and foster parents they desperately need so that they will one day find a loving, forever home.

Through our ongoing efforts, generous individual and corporate donations and through the sale of John Bartlett's Tiny Tim Collection (available on this site), The Tiny Tim Rescue Fund is able to advance it's mission to help give every dog and cat a chance for a better, happier life - a life all animals are entitled to.

Please consider making a donation to The Tiny Tim Rescue Fund today.