Two of a Kind w/ Linda Rodin

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Photo by Winnie Au

Photo by Winnie Au

About The Episode

Linda Rodin is a tried and true New Yorker. Growing up on Long Island, her parents were animal lovers and had dogs, cats, and all kinds of animals making it like an urban farm. Her love for dogs probably started there. But as she got older and more invested in her career, it never occurred to her to have a dog.

Linda wanted to become a fashion photographer and got involved in that world. She studied with a brilliant photographer in the industry, Gösta “Gus” Peterson, who became a mentor to her. But Linda’s sister encouraged her to focus where her true talents lie - on the clothes/styling, instead of taking the photos. She worked for around 40 years as a fashion stylist and editor, and went on to create her own line of clothing.

But after this career whirlwind, she started to fall back in love with the idea of dogs, and eventually got her own. It started with one dog, a friend got her as a gift. But she truly found her ultimate companion with Winky, a 20-pound, tall, miniature poodle who she describes as Fred Astaire meets Cary Grant - but also with a Charlie Chaplin humor.

Having dogs as an adult, Linda learned about the responsibility. It was hard work, as one has to adjust one’s routine - like having a child. Now she and Winks have become two peas in a pod. They’re routines are in sync, they’re each other’s best friends.

Her sister used to be obsessed with her dogs, and Linda didn’t understand the connection. But now she does, and she’s so happy she’s got that back from her childhood days after being without dogs for so long. She now understands the importance of dog-human relationships.

Winky has also led her to meeting many of her neighbors in New York City. She used to see people around, but not talk to many of them or even know their names. But now she’s friendly with so many neighbors and has been able meet all these folks who she would’ve never become friendly with, if not for Winky.

In addition, Linda also found a new passion in starting a dog brand - Linda and Winks - in recent years for dog collars, leashes, and soon to be shampoo and dog bowls. Her style is well-known and she infuses that taste into the brand.

About The Guest - Linda Rodin

Linda Rodin is known for her amazing style and her stature within the fashion scene, someone who you can recognize right away. After being so career-focused within fashion, Linda is still active within the industry but has found a different and more meaningful path with her life alongside her miniature poodle named Winky - or, as she calls him, Winks. The two have been together for about a decade now and have matching stylish grey hair and magnetic looks. Linda has even led the charge on starting a brand called Linda And Winks brand that features her custom dog items such as collars, leashes, and more.

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