Mutualism w/ Alexander "Aki" Von Glasow

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Alexander Aki Von Glasow

About The Episode

Aki was born in Los Angeles but then moved to Switzerland, where his mom is originally from. He grew up there.

Tim was his family’s first dog, a big King’s poodle. His step-father at that time wanted a dog. Tim was very active, always out and about. Then when Tim was in his older prime age, Amy came into their house as a puppy. Amy, an Australian shepherd, got along great with Tim and they went around town together. Amy was really the catalyst to Aki always wanting a dog.

He was a world class downhill skateboarder, which led to modeling and Aki moving to New York City. He then started having some health issues, however, and moved to Africa to try to learn how to heal his problems himself.

While in Africa, he rescued a dog that was with a family on the side of the road who had a group of puppies. That dog was Dylan, and the two have become best friends since and they travel all over the world together.

Since, they’ve traveled through New York City, Europe, and now currently in Los Angeles. Aki’s wanderlust has him always searching for more but he has found joy in sharing his life with Dylan – who he views as his guide. “They pick you,” Aki says. “He’s 100% percent rescued me.”

About The Guest

Alexander (Aki) von Glasow is a professional model and an intrepid world traveler who takes his dog, Dylan, with him everywhere across the globe. Aki was raised in Switzerland and his family always had dogs. Later he became a professional model for Wilhelmina in New York City. After several years, he decided to take a trip to Africa to decompress and study body stress release. One day during his time in Africa, he found a dog on his way to school, and that dog was Dylan - who would become his furry companion that never left his side on travels through Europe and North America. They are currently are based in Los Angeles until their next adventure arises.

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