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About The Episode

Stacy grew up overseas, living in places like Brazil, Scotland, Africa, and Portugal. Her relationships with dogs was short-lived at a time growing up, but she was always trying to rescue dogs and thought they were always great companions.

Stacy would volunteer at shelters and help out but it really was Tyler, her first dog as an adult, who was the reason why Stacy went into working with dogs. She also rescued Tyler’s sister, Cleo, who was going to be put down. Because of those two, and trying to raise them to be the best dogs possible, she learned a lot about that process.

Stacy’s had over 15 dogs in her life already, especially as she tends to rescue older dogs and give them a home before they go. She found Geo (pictured here), who turned out to be the most significant dog in her life and taught her the most lessons. Geo made her re-consider how she approached dogs through his wide-ranging sides of behavior. Right now she has a dog named Pita, rescued from the ACC. When Stacy adopted her, she had various issues, and now the only real issue is that Pita doesn’t like Stacy’s cats.

From initially helping others with their dog training (which was how she met this podcast’s host, John Bartlett), Stacy then for a while ran a dog daycare in Chelsea in Manhattan. Now she runs Who’s Walking Who, which helps people with dog training and behavior. It is based in New York City. Some of Stacy’s clients include Neville, the dog of fashion designer Marc Jacbos.

About The Guest

Stacy Alldredge is a New York City based expert dog trainer specializing in canine behavior problems including aggression, separation anxiety, Obsessive/ Compulsive Disorder, and fear issues — big challenges that regularly confront urban dogs and their guardians. She is the CEO of Who's Walking Who Dog Training and Behavior and has successfully trained thousands of dogs and their guardians for the past 25 years. Stacy considers herself not only a dog trainer but also a dog activist, and believes that dogs are a privilege and not just a right and should be treated as such. NYC veterinary hospitals, behavior hotlines and animal shelters recommend her. She lectures regularly and has been featured on Good Morning America, The New York Times, Animal Planet, Mashable, and many more.

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