Home Is Where The Dogs Are w/ Dorie Herman

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About The Episode

Growing up, Dorie Herman thought that “Sometimes the only person who understands me is my dog, Dallas.” Her bond with dogs kept evolving, including getting her own first personal dog as an adult, Boston (although Dallas was named after the TV show, not the city!).

After Boston, when Dorie later got a new dog named Chloe, she decided to start The Kardoggians Instagram page after a name suggestion from a friend. Now, The Kardoggians has over 150K+ followers on Instagram alone and has been featured everywhere from Buzzfeed to Huffington Post to Entertainment Weekly and more.

With Chloe in particular, Dorie felt a particular kinship and connection that pushed her even further to getting more involved with the rescue world. In particular, she tries to advocate for senior dogs, who can sometimes get a bad rap for their age. But even in Dorie’s short amount of time with Chloe, who was also a senior rescue, there was an impact made on Dorie that will last forever.

While Chloe has since passed, Dorie still has Cupid and Kimchi, two counterparts with different personalities - one emo and one more spicy (you can guess which is which). After all, what would a home be to her without at least one dog in it.

About The Guest - Dorie Herman

Dorie Herman is well-known for her Instagram page "The Kardoggians" – a humorous dog pun on "The Kardashians." She's always found a companionship and connection to dogs, from when she was a child to now being an adult. After college, she got a dog named Chloe who ended up making a big impact on her. Since then, Dorie has gotten more and more involved in the rescue world, serving on the board of Foster Dogs Inc and Susie’s Senior Dogs as a big advocate for senior dogs. Currently, her home is filled with two different personalities keeping her company: Cupid (emotional) and Kimchi (spicy). After all, what’s a home without a dog?

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