Always Smiling w/ Melody Monroe

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About The Episode

Melody Monroe is currently living in Atlanta (originally from North Carolina).

Growing up Melody had dogs, but had to give them up at one point and ever since then had been seeking out that same energy again.

When she finally got a dog (Mimi) last year, it was a process. From missing out on the first dog she was interested in to having to slowly convince her landlord, it took some time but Melody pushed through and made it happen.

Since then, she’s learned a variety of lessons from patience to responsibility to being less materialistic. Even how she might be as a parent, or specific lessons to learn for that eventual possible experience. Additionally, Mimi has also opened her up to a new side of her community and led her to meet a whole new group of people within Atlanta.

About The Guest

Melody Monroe is a hip hop and soul musician based in Atlanta, Georgia. Around a year ago, she felt the urge to get a dog. It would the first of her adult life. She went out and ended up eventually finding Mimi, a mixed breed with a bright personality who has united Melody with her neighbors, provides constant companionship, has taught her patience, and many other valuable lessons. Not to mention, Mimi’s always smiling and that leads Melody finding it hard to be sad around her, even on her rough days.

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