Running Free w/ Susan Weidel

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About The Episode

“Freedom Rider” is a new series of minisodes on DSTP that focuses on guests telling their own inspiring, rescue-based tales.

Susan Weidel decided in 2011 she wanted to adopt Little Red, one of the dogs from the Michael Vick dog fighting ring, and finally was able to in August after making the choice and applying in March – following Little Red having to go through a series of tests. She was adopted from Best Friends Animal Society.

The other dogs Susan had at that time ended up being an important factor. Little Red had never lived in a home before so it was all new to her, including all sorts of sounds and objects, but over time she got used to it and grew to live the home, the other dogs, and the land.

With six acres of a pasture in Wyoming, Little Red was able to run free both literally and metaphorically. She was able to recover and adjust back to normal life on her own time. Even over time, she grew from being shy to getting joy out of attention from both dogs and people alike.

About The Guest

Susan Weidel adopted Little Red, one of the dogs rescued from former NFL Quarterback Michael Vick’s notorious dog fighting operation. Susan gave Little Red a new life but it took time, patience and love. Little Red found a new home with Susan in Wyoming and New Mexico with a welcoming pack of dogs and she was able to live in a new way, and become a dog again - running free in a wide open pasture. She also amassed a large following online and became a learning symbol to others of a dog making it out of a difficult rescue situation like this and into a brighter path.

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