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About The Episode

Isaac Mizrahi had a beige-colored poodle named Pom Pom as a kid. But when he left a present on the floor that his mother stepped on barefoot one morning, that 7-8 year relationship came to a close.

As an adult, he then got the urge to get a dog and got Harry, who (no pun intended) would go on to become his “hairy” soulmate.

Harry was a border-collie mix and grew to become Isaac’s constant companion. After living a life of constantly traveling and going out in the city all the time, Isaac started to stay home more and more and over time his life transformed.

Even walking Harry on Fifth Avenue one day led him to meeting Isaac’s husband, Arnold, who would later bring other dogs into their life as well. Dean was a beagle-Jack Russell terrier mix who Arnold adopted and became a rambunctious but entertaining and loving presence in Isaac’s life.

Kitty, a Collie mix, also came into their life after Harry passed and they adopted her as a Sato rescue from Puerto Rico.

Isaac has just put out a memoir, I.M., which includes stories about his dogs within fabric of tale.

About The Guest - Isaac Mizrahi

Isaac Mizrahi is a fashion designer, author, and entertainer who’s best known for his work in the fashion world with his own brands. While he had a dog at a young age, it was really the first dog he got as an adult that made a significant impact on him. That dog was Harry, his hairy soulmate, who turned into his constant companion and rock. He even met his husband, Arnold, while on a walk with Harry in New York City - where the two are now based with their dogs of Dean and Kitty. Recently, Isaac also put out a memoir called I.M. about his life, including stories of how his dogs have played a role in his path.

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