A Million Times Over w/ Chrissy Beckles

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About The Episode

Chrissy’s husband was working on a job in Puerto Rico and she went to spend a week there to see him and visit. While there, she saw tons of stray dogs all around everywhere and felt terrible about the situation.

After coming back to New York, she tried to reach out to different people in Puerto Rico to see if she could help (in her advertising/marketing background) or otherwise and she started to chip away at helping.

Then she rescued and adopted Boom Boom, who came from one of the shelters on the island. During this time, Chrissy also found out more about the difficult and struggling ecosystem of the shelter system there. The “sato” dogs of the island, that being a term for a stray dog in the region, were all over but many without homes. Chrissy even adopted one of them herself, Boom Boom, who became an important part of her life.

Around this time, Chrissy was motivated by the situation and decided to quit her job and take the risk of leaving behind her practice in order to help rescue dogs and start The Sato Project officially in 2011. Ever since, The Sato Project has helped find dogs homes in the U.S, been a helping hand during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, and more.

About The Guest

Chrissy Beckles is the Founder and President of The Sato Project, which helps rescue abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico. It all started when her husband was working there over a decade ago and she saw all the stray dogs. While most people would feel bad but not have the initiative to take action, Chrissy became more and more involved – especially after getting her own rescue, Boom Boom – and started The Sato Project. Eventually, she quit her job and took on saving Puerto Rico’s stray dogs full time. Boom Boom, the dog of the logo of her organization, gave her the motivation and inspiration to go down this new path.

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