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About The Episode

AJ Albrecht grew up in New Jersey. Her mom was animal lover and their family had all sorts of creatures.

She went to college and studied English then went to law school. She clerked for judge and then ended up in private practice with matrimonial law. But quickly she grew unhappy.

The escape and outlet for AJ was the rescue world, where she found herself going for 40 hours a week outside of her day job.

At one point, she decided to finally take a leap of faith and quit - despite that not usually being her M.O - and within a couple months she found herself as a legislative attorney at Best Friends Animal Society.

Despite giving up higher pay, upward growth, and more benefits that came with her previous career - she finally felt fulfilled. And now Animal Law is even a booming part of legal industry.

One of her dogs, Mama Julep, she met after Hurricane Harvey while doing work there for Best Friends. Soon after, Mama Julep got registered as a certified therapy dog and ever since AJ and MJ visit kids in hospitals, schools, and more. AJ even has learned from MJ, who is the real natural, about how to just be there for someone in a time of need.

Her other dog, Beau, was her first dog as an adult. He was having trouble with other dogs. She ended up creating the Positive Pittie Pack Walk. The idea behind it is for a group of dogs who to walk weekly in New Jersey and walk around 3 miles or so per walk. Everyone agrees not to judge each other and dogs or methods but just people to be around and be active with in real life.

About The Guest - AJ Albrecht

AJ Albrecht is a Legislative Attorney at the Best Friends Animal Society. She took her background in the field and merged it with her passion for dogs, animals, and rescue to find this new vocation. She also has dogs of her own including Mama Julep, who she does therapy work with at schools and hospitals, as well as Beau, who she co-founded the Positive Pittie Pack Walk for to help bring a group environment to dog walking for Beau and other dogs who do better together.

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