Pure Comfort w/ Pearson Marx

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About The Episode

Growing up in New York City, Pearson Marx’s family had golden retrievers had family dogs. Her grandfather also lived on a big property north of the city and had tons of dogs.

As an adult, a call from her mother got her to turn on the TV one night to watch a movie - but she instead found herself fixed on a dog infomercial. It ended up leading to her first dog as an adult, one of many more to come.

Her journey with personal dogs included overcoming her initial stigma of pit bulls to then love them.

The furry soulmate of her life, Cleo, became important during a particularly tough point in her life. When her husband was sick, Pearson registered her as a therapy dog. Just bringing Cleo there gave her the strength to go to the hospital, and not only did she give Pearson strength, but also a light to everyone else in the hospital.

Also a writer, Pearson has included rescue dogs in her novel and Cleo was right there by her side while she was writing it. She believes dogs have a special relationship to humans that is unlike any other bond between beings.

About The Guest - Pearson Marx

Pearson Marx was going through a tough time when her husband was very sick. She registered her dog, Cleo, as a therapy dog, and they started going to the hospital together. Cleo not only gave her strength to go and make it through ok, but also provided a beacon of light and support both for her and everyone in the hospital. Pearson also started a rescue organization called Morgan’s Place, where she has rescued hundreds of dogs over the years.

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