Furry Reflections w/ Ivy Higa

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About The Episode

Ivy Higa is originally from Hawaii and made the switch over to living in New York after graduating from college. So it makes sense that her dog is named “Brooklyn aka Mr. Aloha” to show the two sides and homes of Ivy.

Originally, there was another dog, Maya, a tibetan spaniel who Ivy got in Hawaii (and now is 18 years old, still living with her parents). But Brooklyn came into Ivy’s life after she went through a bad breakup, and she ended up finding that dog to impact her in this time more than she anticipated.

It took until having Brooklyn for Ivy to take a step back from her own self and headspace at that time, to realize how she was living, how she was letting herself be treated, and her own confidence. Through her love for her dog, she realized that how she saw him is how she thinks we should view ourselves. She discovered her own self-worth, how she feels she should be treated, and an overall higher sense of confidence in herself. He’s taught her how to slow down and take a breath, but also to be more social at the same time.

Additionally, with experience under her belt as a Senior Fashion Designer at Ralph Lauren, Ivy decided to launch her own dog brand, Bespoke Paws, inspired by Brooklyn. The brand has different pet products and accessories. 3% of annual sales are also donated to dog social causes and charities. It just launched this past month in August 2019.

About The Guest - Ivy Higa

Yorkies may be be small dogs, but they can have big impacts. Ivy Higa’s own “Brooklyn aka Mr. Aloha” is prime example. After going through a tough time and breakup, Ivy got Brooklyn – but little did she know how things would change. Through the eyes she looked at him, Ivy began to look inside herself. She realized how she wasn’t treating herself and her value with enough respect, and that the way she felt Brooklyn needed to be treated (with love and respect) was the way she deserved to be treated, too. And if you’re wondering where the “Mr. Aloha” part of his name comes from, that’s because Ivy is originally from Hawaii. Although, as you can guess, now calls Brooklyn home (in more ways than one).

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