Change of Pace w/ Nina May

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Photo by Emma O’Brien

Photo by Emma O’Brien

About The Episode

Nina May is originally from Germany, and then went to the London College of Fashion. After then working at Bloomberg for a bit, she decided to go freelance.

After initially having a Dachshund growing up, Nina decided she wanted to start fostering some dogs now that she was a freelancer. Soon enough, Pippa came into her life that way in 2006. Their bond grew inseparable and it was clear it was more than just a temporary foster situation.

Pippa was a dog who showed Nina a difference pace of life was possible as she got older. She embraced the new pace with Pippa and grew into this next stage of her life, as well as meeting a lot of people through Pippa at the park and around the neighborhood.

It was over a decade until Pippa passed and then another dog Goldie came into Nina’s life soon after. Goldie came over through the Romanian Rescue Appeal in March 2018 and gave new fuel to Nina’s daily routine.

But during the time of having both Pippa and Goldie, Nina has gone through different periods of struggling with her mental health. Luckily, each dog has helped her during their time together and have played a big role in helping her heal and push forward.

As part of pursuing her passion in life and never giving up, Nina knew she wanted to create a dog magazine that was a celebration of the rescue community and how powerful it is, and to share those stories from around the world. While it hasn’t been easy, the first issue of Wunderdog Magazine is out now (and even actually features this podcast and our host, John Bartlett).

About The Guest - Nina May

Nina May is the creator of Wunderdog Magazine, a new publication celebrating the rescue community. She has had experience through her own rescue dogs, Pippa and Goldie, who have been guiding lights to help her through personal struggles with mental health and finding her path towards fulfillment. Now, she wants to help share stories from around the world from the community and how impactful these dogs are.

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