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About The Episode

Jason Kraus studied criminology and counter-terrorism, worked for the government, and later at Ernst & Young.

At one point during this unique and heavy career, he was traveling a lot for work. His now-wife brought up the idea of getting a rescue dog, and specifically a pit bull she saw. While Jason had preconceived notions of the breed in his head from stigma in society, he went along with it after asking if she was sure.

Since he was rarely home, he didn’t see the dog - named Gibson, or Bubbins for short - much at the start. Then one weekend, he found out he would have to keep traveling frequently and be away. He laid down on the floor and Bubbins laid next to him and they bonded. They developed an understanding with each other.

Now, Jason’s learned about his new priorities in life. Bubbins opened his eyes to be grateful, to be positive, and that you can be in control of how you look at things and your outlook on your situation. Jason changed his career path and ended up writing a children’s book about Bubbins’ story.

Part of the goal with the book, which Jason also teaches in classrooms, is that he wanted to make sure dogs in the future don’t go through what Gibson went through and that kids learn the lesson of positivity and that things can get better, whether you’re a rescue dog or just struggling in life, and Bubbins is proof of that.

About The Guest - Jason Kraus

Jason Kraus holds a Master’s Degree in Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security. He worked as a government contractor, conducting background investigations, as well as investigating financial crimes for Ernst & Young. But while he may have been the most unlikely person to have written a children’s book about a rescue dog, that’s exactly what he has done. Now, he’s on a mission to educate kids and schools about the rescue world through his story with his dog, Gibson aka Bubbins.

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