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About The Episode

Tedi Sarah grew up in Minnesota and then ended up moving to New York City about five years ago after some different stops along the way.

When moving to NYC, she was dealing with a lot of emotions. She decided to start volunteering at Animal Haven NYC. Eventually, she ended up getting into fostering. It was tough to keep saying goodbye to dogs, but she still stayed committed and fostered over twenty dogs.

Tedi was taking on more challenging dogs, like a blind and deaf dog. Pani was said to be paralyzed, being flown from Iran, and even wearing diapers. She could drag herself around but not walk regularly. Plus, she was even jet-lagged at first!

They went through rehab for Pani, continuing to push through tough times. She even got a wheelchair for her back legs, but still would bounce off the walls with energy. And they got along great, but Tedi couldn’t afford to keep paying for everything.

However, Tedi was sharing their journey online and people kept telling her they loved Pani and wanted her to keep getting better and not see them separate. Hesitant at first, Tedi ended up crowdfunding and raised enough where she could keep Pani and they have stayed together since.

Pani at #23, was the foster she couldn’t return back. Now, they’re best friends and Tedi even makes Pani her own meals with inspiration from the book “Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats.”

About The Guest - Tedi Sarah

Tedi Sarah initially fostered her dog, Pani, who came from Iran and is in a wheelchair. But despite Pani’s partially limited physical abilities, she has more energy than most dogs and her positive attitude and daily thrust for life has inspired Tedi to overcome whatever comes her way - and do it with Pani by her side, who she has now adopted as her own rescue dog.

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