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About The Episode

Karla’s first dog was Lucky, who was like a son to her and her husband – as well as like a brother to her daughters. He taught them lessons about being parents, trust, and more. Lucky became part of their family.

Lucky was with their family for 16 years.

Eventually, they were moving out of New York City to further upstate to a more rural area. Karla got the urge and need for another dog in her life.

She found a dog named Daisy, who was a young mom. Identifying with that element as having had been one herself, Karla empathized and took her in.

During this period, Karla grew with Daisy at the same time. She felt like she was going through a transition and wanted to break free, professionally with her career, of going from working from someone her whole life to becoming an entrepreneur.

Through her lessons from Daisy, and in the past from Lucky, Karla has found the strength to take the leap into pursuing entrepreneurship, sharing her voice, and making a platform for others to share theirs.

Now, Karla is an empowerment coach who sets up workshops for women who are transitioning in their life and helping them to find their purpose and dreams. She’s gotten a second chance and Daisy grew her to realize that.

About The Guest

Karla Crespo is an Empowerment Coach with her own company (The Grateful Heart Co) who has had two crucial dogs in her life, Lucky and Daisy, during times when she needed them to keep going. From being a mother to an entrepreneur, her dogs have been by her side and she has grown with them. When she adopted her current dog, Daisy, they were both going through a transition and have helped each other get through it during all the ups and downs.

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