Furry Fashionista w/ Mark Welsh

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About The Episode

Mark Welsh is from a farm town in New Zealand. He went to Sydney, Australia at one point and then later moved with his advertising company to New York City at 25.

A friend at one point came over to his place and a dog had just randomly hopped into her car on the way over. He tried to help her to find refuge but no one would take her and he eventually grew an affinity for the dog himself and fell in love with her. This was at a place he had in the country to he took her back to the city and Mark started taking her everywhere. This dog was soon named Sweetie.

Sweetie started traveling a lot and going to a lot of events within the fashion industry, which John was heavily involved with at the time. Her reputation started growing more and more, becoming a staple within any event and within the industry.

Mark and Sweetie started a column in Elle Magazine in the voice of Sweetie, with Mark telling the story through her eyes. The column was successful and it even turned into book form, which also became popular.

The idea of being responsible for a dog made an impact on Mark and he found it to be a great joy and very rewarding.

With his husband James Salaiz he later rescued another dog, called Agnes. Now, they have Spike, a dog “with an attitude” that nobody wanted but they decided to take in and the attitude has gotten better and they have lots of love for him.

About The Guest

Mark Welsh is a copywriter and brand builder who made his way from New Zealand to New York City and accidentally fell into a life of dogs. At a time when Mark was looking for a change in his life and new creative inspiration, his first dog Sweetie showed up at his doorstep. But it was also not only Mark who’s heart Sweetie ended up capturing, as she became a darling of the fashion circuit. She became a fashion industry staple, going on to write her own Elle Magazine column and books (with the help of Mark). This all came when Mark was at a crossroads in his life, and Sweetie pushed him in a new, exciting, and fulfilling direction.

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