Being Present w/ Courtney Pare

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About The Episode

Courtney met her dog Rondo after looking through dogs online to potentially adopt and she was instantly drawn to him. He met him and instantly they formed a connection and she adopted him.

Quickly, she became a dog person. He was really small when she got him and now he has grown quite a bit. She had cats around and they had a playful relationship, too. She got him in Phoenix, then moved around to differently places before coming to Virginia, where they’re at now, and going on plenty of traveling adventures along the way. Including being in Massachusetts, where Courtney is originally from.

Courtney was struggling with depression, anxiety, loneliness, and feeling lost. Her sense of purpose was lost and she fell into a dark space. But Rondo was there and kept her motivated to stay active, living her life, and to keep going. She also found her purpose in her career, too, through Rondo - in terms of how mental health and behavior are perceived by society and how we look at and react to each other and our actions.

She also felt responsible for Rondo’s survival, beyond just food and eating, because people would react so negatively to how he was judged and not seeing who he was beyond the surface. Rondo is a Rottweiler and Weimaraner mix and can be intimidating, but people mistook that for always being dangerous and not fit to be around others or even keep living.

She is a naturopathic doctor. She uses holistic modalities to heal the body and focuses mainly on mental health and anxiety disorders in particular. Animal lovers especially, she’s noted, have such a great sense of empathy and also are dependent on their dog’s health and so she also helps them and their dog get into the right place together.

About The Guest

Courtney Pare adopted her dog, Rondo, from the humane society nine years ago, and it has truly been one of those “Who Saved Who” situations. Courtney has dealt with anxiety and depression for quite some time, and when Rondo was about four years old, she went through one of the darkest periods of my life. At this time, when she thought she had absolutely nothing to live for, Rondo was there, providing her not only with the purest, most unconditional love, but also a reminder that she couldn't leave this world and leave him behind. No one else would care for him. He would surely be put down. Since then, Rondo has helped her live a brighter life and she has also advocated on his behalf, as he is sometimes intimidating to strangers. But Courtney pushes to make sure that all humans and dogs are heard, no matter what.

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