The Hugging Dog of NYC w/ Cesar Fernandez-Chavez

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About The Episode

Cesar always had dogs in his life being raised in Lima, Peru. Then he was doglegs for a decade when in the U.S.

Then, he got Louboutina as a young puppy as a gift from a friend after he had been going through a tough break up (after asking him about it first). He knew he wanted a golden retriever.

When Cesar first met Louboutina, she jumped into his arms and hugged him right away. He knew they were the right match.

That theme continued with Louboutina being very affectionate and the hugging also eventually became her trademark when she was about three years old.

Even Gerard Butler has been the recipient of her hugs, who Cesar and her ran into on the street in Manhattan. But he is only one of many of those roaming the streets of New York City who has gotten a hug from Louboutina. They had been living in an apartment in Chelsea and would walk around there all the time.

Unfortunately, at one point on Christmas 2017 there was a fire at their apartment. Luckily, they weren't inside at the time, but pretty much everything was gone after and it had a big impact on both of them – not just with possessions but just mentally in that aftermath. Louboutina started sleeping with Cesar every single night and grew more dependent. And he relied on her emotional support, too.

Since then, however,, they’ve pushed through and gotten back onto their feet.

Louboutin was also our first in-studio actual dog guest!

About The Guest

Cesar Fernandez-Chavez is best friends with his dog, Louboutina, who he has had for around seven years now. Cesar was finding peace after a breakup and his best friend got him a dog, whom Cesar fell in love with at first sight. They live in New York City and Louboutina has become somewhat of a canine celebrity around town. She is known as “The Hugging Dog” and gives her special dog hugs to friends and strangers alike around NYC. The hugs break up the rush of New York City and people always being in a rush. They pause, take a moment, and embrace her furry hugs.

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