Every Step Counts w/ Zach Skow

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About The Episode

Zach Skow was a heavy alcoholic and in 2008 was diagnosed with end stage liver disease. His chance for survival depended on him getting sober for six months and he had struggled with the will to live on top of that.

Through getting into nature and being surrounded by his dogs, it led to a path of finding more of himself and being present. He found a new sense of clarity and eventually battled through.

He started Marley’s Mutts as a very DIY effort to give back and would take unique approaches like writing creative bio’s about all the dogs and focusing on a rescue specifically around mutts, which has since become more popular.

Since then, as an organization they’ve helped save and rescue over 5,000 dogs and gained more and more momentum. Zach’s also given a TED Talk, got a lot of press, had a daughter, and more. He’s truly changed his life around.

He also has a program called Pawsitive change for taking deathrow dogs into prisons and having them train with inmates and giving both sides a second chance and a partner to grow with, as well as a chance at a live in the pet industry later after they get out of jail.

Zach has found his life’s work with dogs and people and believeing in everyone and their chance to survive and overcome like he did.

About The Guest

Zach Skow struggled with self-love and acceptance, leading him down a dark path of drug and alcohol abuse. He hit rock bottom and was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease. With three months left to live, but six months of sobriety required to qualify for a transplant, it appeared to be a death sentence. But somehow he was able to find solace in his dogs, and pushed through. He got better, and afterwards started Marley’s Mutts – a non-profit organization that rescues, rehabilitates, trains and re-homes death row dogs from Kern County’s high-kill animal shelters, which he still runs to this day.

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