Healing Together w/ Stavros Sietos

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Stavros Sietos

About The Episode

Growing up in Denver, Stavros always wanted a dog but never got one.

He made his way to New York City thanks to his younger brother and fell in love with the lifestyle of the city.

Professionally, Stavros went towards a career in EMS and then as a firefighter.

Eventually, his lifelong wish of having a dog came true in expected fashion when a dog showed up at his fire station.

The dog, Wilma, was sick. Stavros decided to take charge and try to heal her himself, even though he was told she wouldn’t survive. He became a herbalist, quit being a firefighter, and dedicated himself to learning about how different herbs could help Wilma and animals in general.

He figured it out, healed Wilma, and along the way he found that Wilma healed him in a similar way. She taught him how to love himself, how to love others, and live your life in the right mindset.

When Stavros would be depressed or dramatic or in a bad mood, Wilma would not engage with him until he was being more positive and in a good head space. This helped Stavros realize how he was looking at what was happening to him and the world around him.

Throughout this process, his passion for educating himself on herbs and how we can heal our animals and ourselves took hold and has became Stavros’ passion and craft in life, another one of the gifts that Wilma has led him to discovering and embedding in his life. “She aligned me with my true path,” Stavros says. He now works with other people and their pets as well.

About The Guest

Stavros Sietos is a retired firefighter turned herbalist based in New York City. When Wilma was dumped at his fire station, she could not walk and had suffered extreme neurological damage. Wilma became Stravros' dog and companion. In a desperate attempt to save her, Stavros began studying and has become a very well versed herbalist for both animals and humans alike. He was able to save Wilma and has retired from the force and focusing his efforts on sharing what he has learned with the public and others in the field.

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