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Elizabeth "Elli" Frank

About The Episode

Elli is originally from Florida. She came to New York at the turn of the century with Broadway dreams, but instead ended up diving into starting an experiential staffing agency.

Growing up she did not have a connection with dogs, but at one point after she moved to NYC, that changed. For some reason, at that point in her life, she felt compelled to get a furry companion and have a dog in her life, and she got her first dog, Charlotte, a pit bull hound.

After having Charlotte for about two years, she ended up spontaneously deciding to rescue another dog, Mr. Bones, who went through his ups and downs with his physical and mental health afterwards.

Eventually, she asked herself “How can I marry my day job in special events and marketing into my new passion for animal welfare?” So she started Rescue The Runway, which put dogs in a fashion show who needed to be adopted – and thus allowing viewers to be able to “rescue the runway” like the name says.

Mr. Bones and Co was originally an animal welfare non-profit where they themselves didn’t rescue hands-on, but they supported other rescue groups through the profits going to those organizations.

Later, Elli decided to take the leap in the rescue world and start One Lucky Pup, a program within Mr. Bones & Co, which focuses on low quantity but high quality rescue. So not taking on too many dogs at once, but trying to bring intense funding and attention on specific individual cases – often of dogs that are harder to place than others.

After all this, she decided to buy a farm in Upstate New York to live with the dogs. Then last year, Elli had to make the extremely tough decision to put down Mr. Bones. From there, she keeps the non-profit going in his honor and continuing to try to rescue dogs through One Lucky Pup. She still has Charlotte keeping her company and bringing her joy.

About The Guest

Elizabeth "Elli" Frank founded Mr. Bones & Co. in 2013, which is an all-volunteer based animal welfare non-profit supporting animal rescue and advocacy in both New York City and across the country and world. They run the One Lucky Pop rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption program. One Lucky Pop emphasizes pitfall rescue and also specializes in dogs facing extraordinary challenges, whether it be extensive emergency veterinary care/surgery, unfair breed discrimination or those languishing in municipal shelters with behavioral issues that make them harder to place. They focus on the quality of our cases, not the quantity, typically having no more than fifteen dogs at a time so they are able to put an intensive amount of attention into each dog and evaluate their needs intimately to determine their best home. Mr. Bones & Co. is named after Elli's dog, Mr. Bones, who she rescued in 2012 and had a life-changing relationship with, before he sadly passed away in the past year. She also has another dog, Charlotte, who is still keeping her company and who got along well greatly with Mr. Bones, whose legacy lives on through the organization.

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