Glamour To The Rescue w/ Suzanne Donaldson

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About The Episode

Suzanne didn’t know about the rescue need and situation of dogs when she originally got her two Morkies, the Sizzle Sisters (Edie and Clair).

It wasn’t long before she found out, then soon getting involved right away with that world of rescue.

She had been working as a Photo Editor at Glamour Magazine for over a decade and at a point she realized her mission was to use her experience and connections within media, fashion, and editorial to do something for dogs and the rescue world.

Suzanne left her high position job at Glamour Magazine and started a blog, Mrs. Sizzle. The main audience was to speak to the fashion community, but it was also for everyone, to raise awareness around rescue and adoption.

She wanted to use her her talents and background, bringing her perspective of photography taste to the issue of dog rescue, changing what’s usually sad imagery to instead positive, fun, and beautiful photos instead.

She kept the blog running for a while and still keeps it going on Instagram. Currently, she also serves as Senior Director of Global Brand Imaging at Nike.

About The Guest

Suzanne Donaldson was an executive Photo Director for Glamour Magazine for decades before she left in 2014 to start Mrs. Sizzle, a high end art and photography animal blog. She did this as a result of her love and connection to dogs, and wanting to do her part to show them in a new light, bringing her Photo Director background and connections to the dog world. She has kept the Mrs. Sizzle platform going to this day, now primarily running it through Instagram. She also now works at Nike as Senior Director of Global Brand Imaging. She has two dogs, the Sizzle Sisters, Edie and Clair, who are Morkies (Maltese / Yorkie mix).

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